Introducing NOVIS:


We believe that everyone must have the right to play!


What We Do

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide to the blind and visually impaired people an easy, intuitive and autonomous access to every type of entertainment. We want to satisfy an heavily felt need of the visually impaired community, since from the entertainment side they are still living in 1890! We want to fill this void, as we believe that everyone should have the right of play and have fun!

Designed for the blind, with the blind

We believe in development strictly close to our final customer, this is why we are working together with our friends of the Turin Blind and Visually Impaired Sporsts Association that are helping us constantly in the development, by means of testin our prototypes in order to design the best product ever for blind people!

A virtual reality you can touch

We believe in a virtual reality that doesn't need eyes in order to be immersive. We will bring a revolution in a world that is still based on expensive and power consuming graphics, which will never be able to trick the human eye. We want a portable VR that will be able to run with the power of a smartphone, an alternative world in your pocket!

Our Advisors

The visionaries that are helping us along this adventure:
- Fondazione Agnelli

- Fondazione Agnelli -
- unione italiana dei ciechi e degli ipovedenti

- unione italiana dei ciechi e degli ipovedenti -
- sei: school of entrepreneurship and innovation

- sei: school of entrepreneurship and innovation -
- marco montemagno

- marco montemagno -
- fablab pavone

- fablab pavone -

The NOVIS Team

The people that made all of this possible:
Marcello Celina
Marcello Celina
Flavio Accossato
Flavio Accossato
Arianna Ortelli
Arianna Ortelli
Lorenzo Santolini
Lorenzo Santolini
Dario Codispoti
Dario Codispoti

Contact Us

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Via Bellezia 19, 10122 Torino Italy

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